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E-JOB (Excellence Job On Board) is the European project for new professions in Italian and French yachting.

Lead partner of E-JOB is the Province of Lucca, the Italian reference is the ISYL - Italian Super-yacht Life Foundation, which groups together three higher technical institutes (ISI Piaggia, Galilei – Artiglio and Marconi). The French side is well represented by the Lycée des metiérs hotellerie-tourisme in Nice.

The project was created to promote job opportunities in the sea economy with particular reference to yachting and innovative professionals such as chefs, stewards, captains and machinists. E-JOB is funded and developed within the community program “Interreg Marittimo” and involves, in Italy, Tuscany and in France, the Paca region (Provence - Alps - French Riviera). The two cross-border coasts host the most important territories in the world for the economies of the nautical and yachting sector. Italy stands out for the centrality of the nautical and maritime industry and the related supply chain, while France (in particular the Côte d'Azur) boasts port and reception services of absolute excellence recognized all over the world. The international navy shows that compared to the thousand large yachts used for charter, as many as 74% operate in the waters of the Mediterranean, and in particular 59% in the Tyrrhenian area.

Therefore, it seems necessary to foresee the strengthening of nautical professional profiles on board and to start a comparison between “created” supply and demand through training courses shared between companies and technical / professional institutes that support a priority chain. E-JOB's main objective is to help strengthen cross-border cooperation between the Italian and French territories and make this area of the upper Tyrrhenian a competitive, sustainable and inclusive area in the European and Mediterranean landscape. The project saw the start of the experimental phase in March 2020, which involved over 100 students and 5 schools between the province of Lucca and the city of Nice – with exchanges of delegations between the two countries, with the aim of providing students have a framework of the skills required for these figures and the possibility of verifying on the field the employment opportunities related to these professions both in Italy and in France.

The actions on which students, institutes and companies in the sector have been involved are varied: from linguistic and cultural reinforcement for children, to job exchange according to the school-work alternation model, to B2B meetings and workshops with employment agencies, organizations, a crew-recruitment company on the theme of new sea professions and job opportunities for young people.