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MYM – Marina Yachting Manager

“MYM” Marina Yachting Manager: an expert operator who promotes the management, with
professional organization, improvement of the technical management, times and costs and
optimization of the administrative management (Port Manager, Technical Port Manager, Port
Services Manager)

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Y&B – Yachting Builder

“Y&B” Yachting Builder: Technician with know-how of the productive cycle of a shipyard and the
business processes. Technical knowledge of construction and management, also related to
production and logistics and safety.

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Yas 3 – Yachting Management / Surveyor

“Yas 3” Yachting Management/Surveyor: Professional in the management of the boat and, in
particular, of all the systems and the devices. It organizes all the activities of controls concerning
the entire boat and the systems, referring to regulations and to quality standards.

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