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All the ITS courses of ISYL Foundation are addressed to professional profiles defined at national level in their macro skills, but fitted to the needs of the Tuscan production area and the requests of our partner companies.

The figures developed in our two-year courses (such as those developed in management of the yachting area, logistics, in the field of technical verification and in that of promotion, hospitality and marketing of the coast and marinas) are placed especially in the technical-production areas of corporate and organizational realities of the manufacturing sector.

The outgoing skills match with the companies needs, where technical and operational skills of a product like the yachting ones of the Tuscan District are crucial for successfully competing on the market.

The profession of Captain can become a growing figure on board the yacht, on shipyard you can find employment in the technical office, in the surveyor area and also in the machinery and plant maintenance sector, as well as in the logistics sector or you can redirect to consultancy activities.

Surveys on our graduates one year after graduation show a high employment rate: over 80% are employed in the studies area. Partner companies that have offered internships tend to stabilize the positions of trainees and in the medium term there are excellent opportunities for professional growth and remuneration.