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I.S.Y.L., Italian Super Yacht Life, is the only ITS (Higher Technical Institute) dedicated to yachting in Italy and based in Viareggio, Tuscany, the heart of the Italian nautical sector. It was born with the goal of organizing highly professional courses dedicated to training figures of the sea economy.


The I.S.Y.L. Foundation aims to promote the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge, and to support measures for the development of the economy and active labor market policies. It acts in the technological area of the sustainable mobility of nautical transport and logistics sector, particularly in the areas of production and maintenance of means of transport and/or related infrastructure and the mobility of people and goods.

ISYL Goals


Create an international school addressing the need to create and train future generations of professionals in our industry.


Spreading the technical-scientific culture and address young students to technical professions.


Ensure continuity to Made in Italy with the training of superior technicians with particular reference to the yachting industry.


Support innovation and technology for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME).


Set relationships with inter-professional funds for training workers.


Teach with a shared method in accordance with regulations.


Design and manage high-level professional courses.

Look after

Look after the professional retraining of workers.


Support integration between education, training and work.